Monday, July 14, 2008

caleb david vickery

7 lbs. 12 oz.

the happy family
the big brother

head FULL of hair!!!

Matthew us SOOO excited!!!! it took him a second to warm up to the whole time but he kept wanting to hold him! baby caleb is precious :) ill keep posting. but it's late and matthew's bed time! (he's staying with us for a few days while mommy and daddy are at the hospital)



Dan & Mae said...

oh yeah! he is precious! i am such a bad friend but i will be getting that header to you asap...i have been a bit occupied but promised you :)

eamcguire said...

hey mae!!! thank you!!! PLEASE NOO rush. AT ALL. im serious. their are wayyyy more important things going on than a blog header. i promise :) i wish you could come this weekend!!!