Sunday, June 29, 2008

beach trip 2008

soo...i have been telling myself for a week that i was going to sit down and write my first blog...i guess i didn't know where to start. there's a few things going on this baby nephew will be arriving in a couple of weeks and a best friends wedding :) but for now i will start with our family beach trip that i just got back from. my family has done this for about the past 10 years. same week. same house. my parents always say no matter how poor we are we will always manage to make a beach trip work. it's our time to just get away from the craziness we all live in and just relax. the only change this year was my very pregnant and adorable sister, jessica and her husband josh couldn't go...for the obvious reason...she's very preganant and due in a couple of weeks!!!! so this year, matthew, my sweet nephew got to go with us without mommy and daddy. i wasn't sure how this was going to go...but it was probably by far one of the best beach trips. for all of you who don't know me very well matthew and iz (me) are very close. we have a spend the night party one night of every weekend and then usually see eachother a couple of times during the week too. i love this boy more than anything. it truly has been amazing to see him grow up and boy does it go always hear adults say "oh they just grow up before your very eyes." but it is soooooo true! but what a huge blessing! OK so back to the beach trip... i spent most of my days in the kiddie pool...except for the one day i took him to the water park...and most of my nights crab hunting with my dad and brother in law except for the one night we went and played putt putt...and we had a blast! he didn't take one nap...and was asleep every night by 7...he was pooped! but it truly was a wonderful week! here's some pics!

and for those of you who have met sweet dog :) he was at summer camp for the boss kept he could still go to work everyday and he got to go to the park every night! and he met a new friend...miss daisy. so here is a hilarious picture of emmitt (willie's best friend) and miss daisy (who lives in nashville, but emmitt's daddy was keeping her for the week)
ps: willie is the black dog