Thursday, August 14, 2008

sorry it's been so long...

i promise to start blogging again after i get back from the beach!!!!!!!! i can't wait! i start school next thursday, and i'm desperate for a's been one of those until next time...adios!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lindsey's lingerie shower

so, this weekend was lindsey's lingerie shower...we had so much fun! it's so nice to get away and not have to worry about anything. and sadly i think all of us have seen the older you get the more difficult it is to get everyone together. amy and i went down friday night to help lane get everything ready for the girls the next morning...lindsey opened up all her out shaffer ;-) and we played some shower games and then it was lake time! this weekend was much needed by all of us.

(side note) saturday morning i went out on the pier after i woke up for some quite time...all i could think about was how incredibly blessed i am to have such amazing friends. it's crazy to think that most of us have been best friends for over ten years!!!!!!! these girls have been there for me during good times and bad...laughter and tears. and i honestly couldn't ask for anything more. i love ya'll!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

caleb david vickery

7 lbs. 12 oz.

the happy family
the big brother

head FULL of hair!!!

Matthew us SOOO excited!!!! it took him a second to warm up to the whole time but he kept wanting to hold him! baby caleb is precious :) ill keep posting. but it's late and matthew's bed time! (he's staying with us for a few days while mommy and daddy are at the hospital)


Sunday, July 13, 2008


my sister, jessica, is due ANY TIME now with her baby for now we are doing everything we can to give her a break and take matthew...(YAY!) this morning we went to chuckee cheese, bowling, and krispy kreme..yummm.

matthew has his own strategy of getting the most tickets!

yeh...we SUCK at bowling...

and you can't bowl without doing a little dance dance revolution ;)

thats all for now... this weekend we have lindsey's lingerie ill post pics from that and HOPEFULLY ill have pics of baby caleb this week! love ya'll!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

this week:

sorry it has been a while since i have posted!!!!! i have been sick with strep...i thought that was suppose to stop after middle school or high school years... apparently not. anyways...not much has been going on just thought i would post a couple pictures from the 4th of sweet matthew, my boss's dog scout, my dog willie, and my best friend amy's sweet corgy puppy...his name is bubba :)

we were at a friend chris's (amy's boyfriend) and he and his brother have 2 big labs and they had a kiddy pool they were playing in...bubba wanted in sooo bad but his paws won't reach over the side...well he kept trying and finally fell in. he's adorable!

and here is sweet matthew :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

happy 4th!!!!!

hey guys! hope everyone is having a good last day of work for the week :) yayyy for long weekends! i can't wait. i'm not doing much for the house/dog sitting for my boss while she's in boston with her family and doing the regular holiday stuff...pool, cook outs and watching the fireworks at vulcan!

as most of ya'll know i go to church of the highlands and absolutely LOVE IT! and i must say...they put on a pretty amazing fireworks show last night. it was a usual wednesday night service...except that it took us an hour to get to church...the sancuary was closed becaused it was full and there were about 5,000 more people there than normal. it was crazy. i know, i know...the extra 5,000 were there maybe to see the fireworks with their kids and the free food and drinks.... there were even people setting up blankets on the hill behind the car dealership off of 459! but hopefully all the visitors got to see a tiny glimpse at what God is doing in that church..and wow is He is doing some pretty amazing things!!!! i'll leave you with a couple of pictures from last night...i am missing one pic and a video that never got sent to my e-mail (i had to send them because im writing this from my work computer) but i will post those later. HAVE A FUN, SAFE HOLIDAY :) love ya'll!!!!

ps: sorry for not being able to post comments back. i have no clue how to work the whole blog thing but my dear friend magen is going to give me some blogging 101 :)
this was the line of cars on 459:

and here is sweet matthew :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

beach trip 2008

soo...i have been telling myself for a week that i was going to sit down and write my first blog...i guess i didn't know where to start. there's a few things going on this baby nephew will be arriving in a couple of weeks and a best friends wedding :) but for now i will start with our family beach trip that i just got back from. my family has done this for about the past 10 years. same week. same house. my parents always say no matter how poor we are we will always manage to make a beach trip work. it's our time to just get away from the craziness we all live in and just relax. the only change this year was my very pregnant and adorable sister, jessica and her husband josh couldn't go...for the obvious reason...she's very preganant and due in a couple of weeks!!!! so this year, matthew, my sweet nephew got to go with us without mommy and daddy. i wasn't sure how this was going to go...but it was probably by far one of the best beach trips. for all of you who don't know me very well matthew and iz (me) are very close. we have a spend the night party one night of every weekend and then usually see eachother a couple of times during the week too. i love this boy more than anything. it truly has been amazing to see him grow up and boy does it go always hear adults say "oh they just grow up before your very eyes." but it is soooooo true! but what a huge blessing! OK so back to the beach trip... i spent most of my days in the kiddie pool...except for the one day i took him to the water park...and most of my nights crab hunting with my dad and brother in law except for the one night we went and played putt putt...and we had a blast! he didn't take one nap...and was asleep every night by 7...he was pooped! but it truly was a wonderful week! here's some pics!

and for those of you who have met sweet dog :) he was at summer camp for the boss kept he could still go to work everyday and he got to go to the park every night! and he met a new friend...miss daisy. so here is a hilarious picture of emmitt (willie's best friend) and miss daisy (who lives in nashville, but emmitt's daddy was keeping her for the week)
ps: willie is the black dog